The Dirt on Stout Boonie Bikes

The Dirt on Stout Boonie Bikes


Our minibike motto. Hell, it’s our motto for all of the bikes we meddle with, but this thing promises plenty of that and then some. It’s been labeled the “Baddest Mini Bike Around” which piqued our interest, and as you know, we at ICON are always up for testing such theories. Naturally, we had to get our hands on one.

Big Dirt energy

We ordered ourselves up the ‘Race Ready’ model from Matt Stout at and in about a week we were uncrating the little powerhouse in our shop. With just a spit of gas and a pull on the recoil, it fired right up and was already lurching forward with an appetite for destruction. But wait, do we put on a helmet? What about some other gear? These are the things that may run through your head but quickly get thrown out when you’re staring down a minibike. “It’s so small and low to the ground. What’s the worst that can happen?” one might say. And therein lies the problem. With that minibike false sense of security in mind we can already tell that this is not one to mess with in that way. We can foresee twisting the throttle on this little guy landing us with a good blow to the dome and a little road rash. Nothing we haven’t gotten a taste of before, but this is your warning. Put your helmet and gear on cuz if minibikes had muscles, this one would be the Ronnie Coleman of minibikes with an enlarged middle finger.

Handcrafting one possible future

Speaking of Colemans; reminiscing on our Coleman minibike build we did back in 2019- we thought that was a spicy build, but this one just might hit a bit higher on the Scoville scale. No shade thrown towards the Coleman minibike game, it’s a damn good one at that, we’re just saying as history would have it, we’re in the business of outdoing ourselves for the foreseeable future. One possible future. And although this new minibike seems to have come with the guts to spin laps with ease against any other mini competitors to come our way, we still have to give it that ICONic look to really reel in the big glory.

Catch the debut live

Crack open a Yuengling and stay tuned to see what the ICON Slabtown garage has in store for our Stout Boonie bike.

Get tickets to The Mama Tried Motorcycle Show February 17-19th in Milwaukee, Wisconsin and see our bike debut in the ring at the Flat Out Friday races with the manufacturer himself, Matt Stout, racing our customized version of his production minibike.

If you know what's good for you, you won't sleep on this.