Field Armor // Women's

Stryker Vest Waist Strap

Stryker Vest Waist Strap

Stryker Vest Waist Strap - Black/Pink

$10 Suggested Retail USD

Replacement Waist Strap for Women's Stryker vest.

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    Stryker Vest Waist Strap
    • Color
    • One Size
    • Black/Pink
    • One Size 2701-0678

    Field Armor™ Stryker Vest

    The Field Armor™ Stryker vest is at the very heart of the ICON creed

    The Women’s Field Armor Stryker vest features all the same construction as the men’s version but has been retailored for a woman’s fit. The back plate has been made slightly shorter by changing to a five or six plate arrangement. Additionally, the midriff and velcro adjustment straps have been rescaled for proper fit. Of course the main function of the vest’s back protector still remains intact as the women's version meets applicable certification standards for back protecting.

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