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Rogue Brew Run

Rogue Brew Run

The hop harvest beckons with a howl.

The time had come for a high RPM roll out to Rogue Farms to brew the freshest wet hop beer possible.For this particular mission, we sent 3 of our finest, each upon a Himalayan - the perfect motorcycle for Oregon’s diverse terrain. This operation could only be named one thing - “Brew Run.” Our riders advanced their way to the farm where they raided the bines and collected wet hops until their Advokat 2 backpacks were at capacity. Once full, they made haste and headed to Rogue's brewery where we unpacked the hops and brewed up the tastiest of wet hops brews to date. We hope you give it a try. Brewers gonna brew. Operators gonna operate. Enjoy.

Advokat 2

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Professional gear for the professional rider. Padded shoulders with adjustable webbing, chest closure and 3D mesh paneling provide multiple fit options. Waxed canvas chassis, leather trim details, multiple pockets, a 15” laptop compartment provide a secure operating envelope and side compression straps keep the cargo contained.

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