rides again

The warthog

The warthog

Two fer one

The Fairchild Republic A-10 Thunderbolt II, aptly nicknamed the Warthog, possesses the quintessential sound of the modern battlefield. Slow and low, the A-10 could fly at an altitude of 100ft. This allowed the pilot to spot the enemy with the naked eye, enabling him to support ground troops with massive firepower. As our tribute to the flying tank in the sky we built a custom ZX-10 named, you guessed it, The Warthog. To double your pleasure, we also launched the ICON Domain 2 Warthog helmet simultaneously for maximum mind blowage.

Fat and mean this bike was strictly for the hardcore and was built to stir the imagination of the motorcycle masses. The Warthog hit the road in 2008, shortly after its creation, and stayed busy for the 9 next years at stunt shows and dealersips across the country. After years of being sat on, shipped, poked, and prodded the ol' war beast made its way home to ICON HQ where we promptly stripped it of its hard candy coating.

Cross the moat

Relieved of its plastics, the Warthog's shell now sits perched at the top of the stairs as you head into the ICON design lair. It's a call to all who make their way past the guarded gates; those fortunate enough to see the method to our madness.

Mocking bird

As soon as it was undressed of its guns, 800 watt MTX audio system, and 8" LCD screen the Warthog was no longer. With the plastics forever retired, the rest of the bike is going through a rebirth of sorts. Temporarily mocked up with a subframe, our visions take shape. We'll probably roll it around the garage for another month or two before it'll sit under a blanket for an additional 3 weeks. Only then will we revisit the subframe. That's our creative process. Trust us, it'll be dope.