Thinning the herd

Thinning the herd

Out with the old

One might look at ICON, see the mind blowing custom motorcycles we use for our marketing, and assume that someone else builds the bikes for us. Right? Wrong! Do you know what happens when you make an assumption... you make an ass out of you and mption. All of our ICON builds are designed and executed at HQ in the ICON garage, but what happens to theses bikes after they are used for that season's marketing push? Glad you asked, we were starting to think you weren't paying attention. Some hit the road to be on a tour of sorts, traveling from one ICON dealer to the next. Some are sent off to bike shows to be eye-guzzled by the moto-thirsty masses at motorcycle shows across this great land... but then what?

Best Case Scenario

The best case scenario is our bikes get ridden, but not by just any Tom, Dick, or Harriet. You gotta have some mad cred to swing a leg over one of our rides. Our pals from our favorite French motorcycle magazine, Moto et Motards, have said cred and last Summer they crossed the pond to spend some QT with us here at HQ. Since they are the real deal and we make a habit out of trying to impress the French, we let them take take a few of our bikes out for their annual wheelie check. Thankfully they all passed Le Inspection.

Worst Case Scenario

Bikes are regularly coming in and out of ICON. Whether it be projects or our own personal rides, we're constantly shuffling them around just to make space. Sometimes people leave things placed on or around the bikes and the shuffle turns into a stack. Worst case scenario is the stack gets so out of hand we completely lose a bike under something that bares a strong resemblance to a laundry pile. Pretty random, right? Not sure why or how it happens, but trust us... it happens. We still can't find The Operator. It's here somewhere.


We sell them

We sell them

It's hard to say goodbye

You know that old saying, "you gotta close a door to open a window"? We're not quite sure what it means, but we think it applies here. We have something pretty magical in the works, but to make it happen we had to raise some cold hard cash. Since no one wants to see us in a banana hammock dancing for dollars (trust us, we've tried) we went with the next best thing, we decided to sell some of our ICON bikes to a worthy buyer. It was a tough decision, but the three we chose to part ways with were  Major Tom, Old Ghost, and Thunder Chunky.

So long. Farewell.

We put all three bikes up on Portland's Craigslist and within minutes we had two dudes from Seattle who were very interested. So interested, in fact, that they drove to Portland that night and slept in their trailer out in front of our office as to ensure making it to our scheduled 9am meeting the next day. After a tour of the ICON lab and some kicking of the tires, they bought all three scoots in a package deal. It was bittersweet, but in the end these bikes escaped the dreaded ICON laundry pile of doom and have found a new home with like-minded bike nuts.

Looking forward

What's next, you ask? Well, you must think quite highly of yourself to think that we are just going to spill the beans and tell you all of our secrets. You must be the same person who emails us demanding to see next season's products a month before their launch. Like we told you in the email, good things come to those who wait. Tell you what, we'll give you a hint - 4+2 doesn't always equal 6. Stay Tuned!