The One Moto Show

The One Moto Show

Drowning in a sea of radness

Some people party better than others. We party better than most. We're not trying to hurt your feelings; we're just giving you the cold hard facts. That's how we do this storytelling deal. Hope you can appreciate that. When we dipped our toes back into The One Moto Show's pond, we found the water pleasant and inviting. It doesn't take much for us to suit up in our proverbial Speedo, but when you see us with that look in our eye, you know we're going to Cannonball that mutha. We hit The One Show a la Rodney Dangerfield in "Back to School" with a Triple Lindy so perfect, it would make you cry. Why all the swimming references, you ask? Good question.

This ain't your father's can-a-tuna

Suzuki USA called us on the horn and said, "ICON, you're dope and do dope shit. Please bestow said dopeness on our new 2020 Katana." They probably saw our Katana build dubbed New Jack. Then again, who didn't? There was a caveat, though, like most things in life. The caveat was we had three months to build it, which left us a bit uneasy as most ICON builds take about a year and a half to complete. Regardless, we were down to clown, so we said, "Hey Suzuks, hook it up!" - and hook it up they did... two months later.

One month is all we had to do our thing. It was starting to feel like some Biker Build-Off scenario without Paul Yaffee hanging around. One month - do we bolt on a bunch of stuff, wrap it, and call it custom? No. That ain't us, babe.

One Alcohol Please

This year we pulled out all of the stops and set them on fire because we're intense like that. Yeah, we make a lot of friends. Being a longtime local sponsor of the One Show, we got our choice of two different sponsorship themed rooms - big or bigger. Despite what you may have heard, size DOES matter. Your girlfriend is a liar. Our choice was simple, only MegaRoom was suitable for Slabtown Amusements, our arcade bar where the 805 Beer flowed like wine, and where the beautiful women flocked like the salmon of Capistrano. All. Weekend. Long.

Get that 8 Second ICON a beltbuckle!

Some would do an arcade bar and then stop right there. Well, we're not some. Hell, we're not even most. We're those weirdos that take it to where it needs to go for a party rockin' good time, and the only thing on our mind - human-powered bull riding competition. The rules were simple; there were no rules. Actually, no, that's no true. No biting, the rules were no biting.

The Dirty Swingers Club

If you know anything about us by now, you know we march to the beat of our own drum, and the drummer is none other than John Bonham. That's right; we're pure rock 'n' roll! When The One Show asked us to put together a flat track race to wow the crowd, we decided to do something no one else had done before - sportbikes with stretched swingarms. We invited some of ICON's finest to race - Jason Britton, Kyle Sliger, Tony Carbajal, Rob Carpenter, Sean Sets, and Joel Gary.

Partytime, Excellent

We came, we saw, we partied. How the hell can we top this, you ask? Well, it looks like you'll have to catch us next year and find out. In the meantime, stay rad, and thanks for riding ICON. We appreciate you.

Photos by @eparrillacreates and @jamzvik. Find them on Instagram.