The Birth of Slow Burn

The Birth of Slow Burn

Each season of ICON 1000 brings a new, and radically different build to our 'End of Days' moto harem.

Every bike is built as an answer to a different potential cataclysm. Nuclear bursts, zombie hordes, or economic collapse; no apocalyptic theme is too obscure or taboo for our vision. "Why the fascination with global doom?", you may ask yourself. It's a complex design methodology, but basically our 1000 line is built with a 'last jacket standing' mentality. If it all ended tomorrow, and you could have one jacket or set of boots to last you until rapture, then you would want the best...the ultimate survivor. That is the drive behind the ICON 1000 product line and the birth of Slow Burn.

Bayerische Motoren Werke

The BMW R90/6 came to us by way of trade and as soon as hands were shook to solidify the deal, the tear down commenced. It was simplified and stripped of anything deemed unnecessary. No bells or whistles, just what is needed to run and to survive whatever terrain it was subjected to.

Lights! Camera! Apocalypse!

If Hollywood has taught us anything about the end of days is it's gonna be messy. Fire and brimstone can make for exciting riding conditions, but only for bikes which can withstand the relentless punishment mother earth has in store for us. At first glance Slow Burn may seem like a cleaner version of its former state, but when you look closer you will start to notice the fine details that exemplifies the extensive modifications it underwent.

You'd better be ready

With basic tools, countless hours, unshakeable determination, and whatever other inspiring words we can use here, we took the stock R90/6 from a city commuter to a mission ready machine because when the shit hits the fan, blinkers are the last thing you need.

Sometimes is pays to be a prepper.