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Team Raiden

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People often ask us how we decide which location to send Team Raiden for some big time adventuring. Easy, we get a map, a blindfold, and a rusty dart. See where we're going with this? This time the dart of chance landed on Portugal, so the crew packed their bags, kissed their families and bid their loved ones adieu. Team Raiden was off to shred KTM 450 EXC's in Europe's oldest country and here's the short version of their story!

Euro Cow Town

Much like Wisconsin, Portugal has cows a-plenty. Unlike Wisconsin, there seem to be no rhyme nor reason to where they're kept. They seemed to be independent bovines, who do what they want, when they want. Team Raiden's first day in Portugal started off in a small community called Evora. It was flat, full of fences, and muddy as hell seeing as how it rained for a week non stop before the crew touched down.

Moo Poo Mud Pie

With in the first hour and a half one of the team members managed to lowside into the only puddle in sight. We'll give you one guess what that puddle was filled with. If you guessed cow poo, you are good at guessing. Reach across your shoulder and pat yourself on the back. The gang made the most of the flat terrain and peanut butter mud as they could, although they admitted it didn't make for sweet riding.

Go West

The second day found the team pushing west towards the coastal town of Aljezur, the furthest west you can go and still be in Europe. Way back in the day, Aljezur had a bit of a Malaria problem. So much, in fact, that the bishop at the time wanted to move to across the river to escape it. He and some followers did, building the 'new town'. Others stayed back in the 'old town' to tough it out. Now, in present malaria free day, it's split up in two halves.

Turning towards Spain

By now they were getting into some sweet terrain. Team Raiden had been pushing their bikes and each other pretty hard and took rest where they could find it. Thankfully, the KTM's were withstanding the punishment these guys subjected them to. The guys headed east to Tavira in search of sweet jumps. The landscape was becoming hilly with a high level of shredability.

An Oasis

Miles outside of Beja, in what seems to be the middle of absolute nowhere was a Bed and Breakfast on a quaint little farm. The food was great, the rest was needed, and the hosts were second to none. From there they headed back to Aljezur to wrap up the trip and put a bow on it.

Put the shred to bed

Portugal and its people took in Team Raiden and offered them her land to shred, kind of like that book The Giving Tree except the guys didn't act like that jerkfaced little kid. Fun was had by all and everyone made it back to the States unscathed. Now we look onwards towards what ever adventure our rusty dart leads us towards.