Team Raiden

Rippin' Sand Lake

Rippin' Sand Lake

Everything you want, Oregon has it

Don't move here

Here in Oregon we have it all; mountains, oceans, high desert, dunes - you name it, we've got it. We don't have to go far to shred and we take full advantage of that fact every chance we get. This time Team Raiden took the 100 mile trip west from HQ in Portland to Sand Lake for a little rippin' and tearin' sesh.

Swipe Right

If Team Raiden had a dating profile it would probably read something like this: Hi, Raiden here. Executives by day and wild ones by night. We like long rides on the beach, short rides on the beach, and any motorcycle related beach activity you can think of. We're not afraid to get sand on our tuxedo if you aren't afraid to get helmet hair, so join us for a romantic braaap on the beach.

It's not your fault, Kansas

We understand not everyone has what we have here, probably because they live in Kansas or something. So for those people without a beach to shred on, we hope you get a chance to visit our lovely state and do some shredding of your own. If you see us out there, throw us the goat and twist the wick, we'll do the same.