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Kawasaki Vulcan

Kawasaki Vulcan

What we do

is classified

Usually, when we do a custom motorcycle build we may tease you with a shot here or there, but mainly we build in secret and then Judo chop the world upside the head with the reveal. Blam-o! When you see it, you either get it or you don't. Historically speaking, there doesn't seem to be much middle ground. Why don't some people get it? Well, maybe it's because people don't understand how we got from A to B. Maybe because there is not one person who is the face of ICON and people can't picture a logo building a custom bike. Or perhaps, and this is most likely the answer, it's because they are just a bunch of Rollerbladers who are too concerned with their sweet cross over and could care less about motorcycles in the first place, but love sharing their opinion on things.

a rose by any other name

a rose by any other name

collaboration never looked so good

Our pals at Kawasaki hit us up and more or less said - Hey ICON 1000, how've you been doing? Have you been working out? You look super strong. Anyway, we have this brand new Vulcan we want you to tear apart and make unrideable awesome. Do you think you can help us out? - Of course we said yes because, hey, it's Kawasaki.

take your time hurry up

As soon as we got the bike we dove straight into it, and by that we mean let it sit there for days while we stared and took it all in. You can't rush this kind of genius. When you have sheet metal and a hammer, like we do, the sky is the limit.

It takes a village

It's good to know people, yes, but it's also good to be liked by people. If we didn't have at least one or two friendly people in here shaking hands and kissing babies we'd be stuck footing the bill for motorcycle bling-bling. That can add up really quickly. We've shaken the hands of our buddies at Nitron Racing Shocks a time or two and in return they hooked us up with these beauties for the Vulcan.

Good things come To those who wait

Now don't get the wrong idea. We aren't opening our hearts and doors all the way so you can just come in here, check out our entire build, and then Rollerblade out of our lives forever. No, that's happened one too many times. Instead, you have to wait like the rest of the word to see what we've cooked up for Kawasaki. Trust us, it will be worth it.