Street Triple Livery Debut

Icon X Empire Freestyle

Icon X Empire Freestyle

The formula for street supremacy is simple.

Half the game is being faster than anybody else, the other half is looking flash doing it. Every new riding season, ICON does a full livery for each of our athletes for the latter, and this year is no exception.

Nick and Ernie’s Street Triples

first out of the gate, and here is their public debut.

The performance side of the equation is taken care of. The Triumph Street Triples were refreshed since last season with a new Dynojet tune, fresh Galfer brakes, a needed maintenance checkup with K&N and Castrol, and a mint set of Avon shoes.

The look, is totally different.

Regaled in our ICON Team Chrysmatic graphic, the scheme is a splintered take on traditional moto-inspired looks. “Crisp and Nasty” was the way forward for ’15, and this graphic lends itself well to both their riding styles and their rides.

Go Fast, Look Flash.

Primed to be thrashed, catch these bikes early before they start picking up war wounds. Follow along with Nick and Ernie right here: