ICON 1000

Dos Trackers 1&2

Dos Trackers 1&2

ICON 1000 Dos Trackers - Harley Sportster vs. Indian Scout

If we had a funny joke about being on lockdown during a global pandemic, we would've already told you. Pretty sure it would've been a knee slapper. Who couldn't use a good laugh right about now? Where we may not have anything for you at the moment that'll make you laugh, we have something that will make you smile - and that's Dos Trackers 1 & 2 back-to-back! Rob Carpenter and Tony Carbajal tear up the dirt like some high-octane Kristi Yamaguchi and Rudy Galindo, sans skates. Ever see a motorcycle Salchow?

The desert is free of confusion; there is no doubt. There are no distractions in this deprived land, this original chaos. To survive it, you must become it. To master it, you must ride it. Rob Carpenter and Tony Carbajal did just that. Upon a Harley-Davidson and an Indian Motorcycle they performed an American prayer and it’s VTwin sound carried through the wind like those who ripped before them. Some come to the desert to die, these boys came to live.

ICON 1000 - Dos Trackers 2

Wonder how long they were blowing dirty snot rockets after that shoot. What do you think? A week? Week and a half? Perhaps we'll never know.

Once again, we make a pilgrimage to the land of the excessive sun where Tony Carbajal and Rob Carpenter arrive as explorers in this new frontier created by a lost sea. Heroes in this brave new world, they head straight for the moon with cracked throttles and high hopes. Surfing a sea of sand on an FTR and Sportster, they carve their names in the wind scorched hill so as not to evaporate into history without leaving their mark. Everyone knows cowboys need their wide-open spaces, and in this place, they found it.

Pretty deep, huh?


Hopefully, that got you stoked enough to make motorcycle mouth sounds around the house while wearing the same PJs you've been in for the last week. What we're trying to say is we wish you well and hope this helps keep the moto-vibe alive in your heart.