Dystopian Damsels

Dystopian Damsels

Sisters are doing it for themselves

Perhaps you've noticed over the years that, in most of our photo shoots, we feature women as the lead role. Unlike others in this industry, we don't shoot them draped over a motorcycle with tooth floss covering their nether regions. That ain't us. Instead, we arm them with weapons.

Ground Control to Lt. Grey

We're not really sure what's so attractive about a helpless woman? We like a gal who can cook, sure, but only after she's, tracked, hunted, killed and gutted it first. After that she'll probably pilot her spaceship to some unknown planet, while we are left behind to starve because she made dinner, alright, it just wasn't for us. Damsels in distress? No, absolutely not. Damsels in dis dress? Maybe.

Bringing sexy back

She's a pilot. She's a soldier. She's sexy, there's no denying that, but it's not because she's just there as a piece of eye candy, she's sexy because you're deep in enemy territory and she's going to pilot you and your crew to safety.

She doesn't want you

She doesn't need you

She doesn't need you

If you can read this...

Did you offer her a ride? That's cute, because she has her own bike and it has more balls than yours. Its Turbo has a Turbo, man. How do you like them braaapples?

For those about to rock

To the women in our lives and the women of 1000, we salute you. May good fortune always be in your crosshairs.