DRIFT 4K: Behind the video

DRIFT 4K: Behind the video


By now you’ve probably have seen our latest installation to the Drift series, Drift4K, because you’re rad and in the know. It’s true, ask anyone here, we think you’re awesome. That’s why we want to share a little of the behind the scenes shenanigans with you.The story starts out like so many others who’ve been down and out in Mexico. After a narrow escape from Officer Buck 3 years ago, ICONs Ernie Vigil and Nick Brocha have fallen on hard times and are stunting for pesos on the Mexican circuit, trying to make ends meet. Officer Dan Brockett, formerly of the HPPD, meets up with the boys to help pull them out of their funk and gives them an opportunity to do a little muling into Miami. We’ve all be there. Right? In comes White Snake, a… we’ll use the term incredibly loosely here, “cab driver” who takes the boys to the airport for their flight stateside where Russian drifting legend, Sugar Daddy, his sister, a Scorpion P6 and 1500 HP Mustang await. All that story with more drifting than you can shake a stick at and believe us when we say, we can shake the crap out of a stick! That’s it in a nutshell.


At first glance it looks like funnyman Dax Shepard (holding trunk), being the hilarious guy that he is, may have said something that Nick Apex (in trunk) found comical. Unfortunately, that’s wasn’t the case. Nick happens to be incredibly claustrophobic and when the script called for him to be in a pseudo 69 with Ernie, he laughed from when he got in until he got out. People nervous laugh when they feel they need to impart poise and control during times of high anxiety. Look at him, does he look poised or in control? No, no he doesn’t. He's in the trunk of a car, for crying out loud. Speaking of the car, we procured that bad boy for a mere $10250 MXN (that’s about $600 USD)  from a man who more or less gave the “ask me no questions and I’ll tell you no lies” sales pitch. Seemed like the price was right since we bought the car to rally the living shit out of it in the sand.

Ever been whipped with a switch at 120mph? NO?

Well, anyone in the Jackson family can tell you that it hurts like hell! What, too soon? Geez sorry. Anyway, after some serious driftin’ the cable in the tire let loose and smacked the crap out of Ernie’s back. It probably would have done some real damage if it weren’t for the leathers and D3O armor. That’s right kids, safety CAN be cool.



For some reason this guy insisted on working with an angle grinder, a vise-grip, and a box end wrench. If he couldn’t repair the bike with one of these three tools, it didn’t get fixed.


 He came in and started jacking the Mustang up and then down, then up, then down again. It seemed weird, but we all thought he was part of the crew until we noticed the flip-flops. By that point we didn’t give a shit and were so tired from a full day of filming, that we just let him do it. He went on like that for a good hour and a half.


Obviously that’s not all there is, but the stuff you didn’t hear is the stuff we won’t tell you… sober. If you happen to catch one of us in an inebriated state come  ask “so what’s the story with the mug?” You probably wouldn’t believe it anyway.