Branded for life

Branded for life

Eye of the beholder

They say beauty is only skin deep. Who they are we're not quite sure, but we've heard that phrase several times so they must be a very influential group of individuals. You know what else is skin deep? Tattoos. Some are prettier than others, but hey, who are we to judge?

These are the days of our lives

Our tattoos tell the story of our lives. They are of our heros, our family, loves lost, sayings we connect with, and bets we've made that didn't turn out in our favor. If you look at it that way, there are no bad tattoos because stories make up the history of us. Now, if you ask ten people where the most painful place to get some work done, eight of them will tell you the ribs. The ribs are NO JOKE and this example tells two stories: 1) this guy used a picture from one of our photo shoots from awhile back of his father, 11 time Northwest regional flat track champ Matt Holm aboard his fully-prepped 1975 Harley XR 750, racing flat track 2) With all of that filled in black on his ribs, it's probably not best to pick a fight with this guy because if he paid and chose to sit through multiple visits to the pain cave, this guy is the ultimate beast.

Brand Loyalty

We are truly fortunate to have the fans that we do, considering how many people we seem to piss off with our graphics, ads, social media, copy writing and existence. We smoke, we drink, we carry guns, and we could care less if you don't like it. That's not to say we're jerks about it, that just means we like what we like and we're not going to apologize. As it turns out, we aren't the only who enjoy a good party and they seem to like us too. These people dig what we do so much, they spent their own money to sit in a chair for hours to have our imagery marked into their skin. Ain't that a how-do-ya-do?

She seems nice

She seems nice

Metal God of yesteryear

Back in the day we put a call to all to all of our superfans to settle once and for all, who was the ultimate fan-boy. We received some killer entries, but there was one shiny gem that stood out from the rest. Parker B stepped up the Superfan game in a big way by not only getting a tattoo of the ICON logo, but giving the tattoo to himself... while wearing Icon gear. That got us right in the heart strings as much as anyone drilling ink into their own skin can.

Tattoos represent

Older graphics of days gone by seems to be a popular theme too. We get people reaching out to us all the time looking for a discontinued helmet because they just love the design and more often than not, we can't help them. This seems like a good Plan B. Instead of getting into a bidding war on eBay and losing to someone's mom in Nebraska, how about getting a forever graphic? Pleasuredome, Krazy Klown, Brozak? Any of these would make a wonderful piece. Hell, you could even get a little wild with the Doodle. Look, all we're saying is try it out. Don't have a tattoo? Perfect, make your first one ICON.

That's not a threat, it's a promise

We have the best graphics in the game and that's a fact. So as long as our fans keep tattooing ICON on their bodies, we'll keep making tattoo worthy graphics.