Behind the scenes: Trick or Street

Behind the scenes: Trick or Street

Trick or Street

You know you wanna know

If VH1 still did 'Behind The Music' and it was about videos made to promote the release of a new motorcycle helmet instead of an inside look at the making and breaking of a band, they'd be all over our proverbial jock. Here at ICON we play it pretty close to the vest when it comes to the inner workings of the magic that happens behind these doors, but hey sometimes you just gotta let go. If you come back, it was meant to be.

Putting our heads together

The idea for the shoot came the way most of them do, while we were hanging out  talking about motorcycles. Safety is important to us because we ride like we do and still want make it home safely to give grandma a kiss on Thanksgiving. That's why we wear gear a full face helmets. Full face or no face we always say here at HQ and we want to preach helmet church without being, you know, preachy.

Don't squash Your gourd

Open-face helmets are good for seeing someone's face in their Instagram shots of them riding to the corner store to pick up some artisanal cheese, but when it comes to protecting their face against bugs, road debris, and well, the road itself... not so much. Some vintage motocross helmets look pretty killer, but that EPS liner is about as energy absorbent as a rock. How do we inform the masses without sounding like hateful jerks? With a sweet babe and oodles of pumpkin destruction.

Pumpkins Akimbo

With help of ICON artist Tanner Goldbeck we created the Airmada Trick or Street, a sinister looking Jack-o-Lantern whose purpose it is to protect your pumpkin. The video was to be filled with gourd guts a-plenty, so where better to film it than right at home in the ICON garage?

Helloooo, nurse!

To ensure our video is a success, we hired the talented Angie Walls to play the part of the sexy, pumpkin smash-tech. Her character is like Elvira got a job at Frankenstein's lab.

Playing the part

How would you like to get kicked up side the head with one of these bad boys? They'd probably leave one hell of a mark.

Rest in pumpkins

Rest in pumpkins

We murdered quite a few gourds for your viewing pleasure.

There you have it

Now that you have had yourself a little inside look into the makings of a short  that will surely win Palme d'Or du court métrage at Cannes and will probably go down in cinematic history taught in classes for decades and decades to come. Give it a watch - again.