2016: a year in time

2016: a year in time

our trip around the sun

Perhaps you are wondering what our year was all about. Did we join what seems to be the trending collective human experience on social media and lash out at 2016 for the hurtful murderer that it was? Did we take the glass is half full approach and find the good in everything? Actually, it's just easier to give you the facts. 2016 was just another year in time and in that year we made it awesome.

Major Tom

After all this time, you still don't understand what you're dealing with, do you? An 86 GSXR sporting solid V-Rod wheels with Avon shoes isn't your ordinary dirt ripper, but Major Tom doesn't really pay much attention to opinions. It's a survivor from the 80's... unclouded by conscience, remorse, or delusions of morality. Its structural perfection is matched only by its hostility.

Break bones, not promises

Every time we watch this part in our Raiden KTM 450 RR Rally video here at HQ, there is an audible wince that reverberates throughout the office as Scott Bright pounds sand, giving the ground the ol' stiff arm, resulting in two broken wrists. The hairy part is after he landed and sat up, he came eye to eye with an angry rattlesnake who wasn't in the mood to be charmed. Normally two broken wrists would be enough of a bummer, no matter how helpful your partner may be during bathroom breaks, but Scott had a little upcoming race he couldn't miss - Dakar. Being the absolute beast that he is, he raced and finished, still broken.



Come together

The Deployed series was a true call to all that transcended man-made boundaries between track, street, ADV, and hood rat enthusiasts alike. Each found some thing they liked in the Variant and Airframe Pro, possibly due to the fact it has been dubbed the 'We Are The World" of motorcycle helmet graphics by so many industry influencers that we've stopped keeping track.

Voted most likely to succeed

Sporting that Pontiac green and the 'we don't need the bottom of the frame' vibe, Three Martini Lunch turned heads and dropped jaws. In some cases, both at the same time. While some people just can't wrap their minds around the dystopian war machines we create in our Slabtown Cycleworks garage, everyone seemed love the Triumph Thruxton build. Put it this way, if TML was still in high school, it would have a varsity cheerleader on the back.

Out of africa

We crossed the pond to ALKEBU-LAN, better known as Africa, and headed to the southern tip in seek of answers to questions long since forgotten. Some may argue that an impromptu Peyote vision quests might seem a little safer than our big time adventure to the motherland, but those some don't know Raiden. Never the less, we pet a cheetah. The story could end right there and still be rad.

ICON for 2017

Trust us, there are more stories to our 2016 than that, most of which include a burnout. We didn't even touch on the Brozak, Shaguar, or Trick or Street, but some stories are better told with a beer. Next time you see us, ask us about the pumpkin stomp rocket. It's a good one.