riding the tailfeathers of a freedom bird

If you’ve ever heard an American bald eagle screeching across the sky while it soared far far away from view, one may imagine it was saying something along the lines of “Hell yeah, brother! To FREEDOM!” and off to Sturgis it went. At least, that’s what we imagine may show up to Sturgis first.

In other words, we went to Sturgis… Again.

Every year seems to get better and better.

A new generation of party people are moving in and ICON is here for it. It’s the pool at the Full Throttle campground that eclipses the rest though, and that just so happened to be the place where we were stationed for the brunt of our trip.

With our powers combined

we assembled our finger-tight team for a Triple Crown of racing

We landed in town with our jam-packed Sprinter van for day 1 of Sturgis teaming up and ready to rage with the famed Milwaukee, Wisconsin folks of Flat Out Friday and The Mama Tried Show.

Tackling a loaded agenda of Velodrome Flat Track Racing, a Hillclimb, and a Hare Scramble with Boonie Bike Bonanza’s sprinkled in everywhere between.

The following day we set up atop a picturesque ridge in the Full Throttle campground to test riders on their hillclimb skills. Or in some instances, their bravery piloting a defunct Power Wheels downhill.

​How many dudes does it take to get a bagger up a hillclimb?

Apparently, more than 7 because this one never made it up.

Some did make it up while others flipped their way down. Regardless, all who even attempted the hillclimb were cheered on as heroes that day.

what’s the trajectory from here?

Well, we can’t give away all of our secrets, but we can tell you this: there’s nowhere to go but up.

From bike shows to rock shows, to pool parties that led us into night racing shenanigans where the evening spun laps into a blur… Limp Bizkit (who we happened to see while we were there) said it best that we're gonna just "keep rollin' rollin' rollin' rollin'".