A mixture of fan art inspiration and a vodka drink named the Ryobi

Half Jack

Half Jack

Coleman BT200X mini bike

Take a moment and feast your eyes on Half Jack, a lil' baby version of our 2012 build New Jack

reconnecting with our 8-year-old selves.

Many of us here at ICON started our love for motorcycles in a similar fashion. Someone granted us access to a mini-bike, we hopped on, rode it a certain distance, crashed, and molded our life around this two-wheeled obsession. Can you blame us? What else in this life can transport you back to adolescence with the twist of the wrist? Fortunately, we have some friends at Coleman who could facilitate the need for a little age regression and mini-moto mayhem. We dug around in the ICON Garage, sifting through our pile of parts, and found what we needed to take Half Jack from a barroom discussion to a sweet, sweet, reality.

Taking it to the streets

It all started when we decided to throw a no-holds-barred mini-moto challange lovingly named, The ICON Mini Bike Roundup during NVP. We couldn't do it alone, so we got a little help from our friends at Coleman Powersports by way of six BT200X mini bikes. We didn't stop there, because what's a party with out friends? Right? We gave one to our pals at, S&S, Performance Machine, The Speed Merchant, LA Choppers, and Biltwell with the instructions to put their stamp on it and bring it to Madison to compete against the self proclaimed champions - us. The build rules were simple, you couldn't take away from the frame or motor, but you could add to it. Other than that, the sky was the limit to what could be built off of the Coleman platform.

Everyone made it to Madison, WI in one piece, and rolled down to the Paradise Lounge where shenanigans ensued. Racing kicked off with a Le Mans-style start, followed by wheelie and burnout contests, keg rolling, two-up racing and slow racing.

“The whole experience was pretty amazing,” our ICON contacts report. “For most of us, mini bikes are where our moto obsession started. Coleman and our friends magically helped us to tap into our eight-year-old selves, when it was all about having fun.”


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