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Brand New Jack

Brand New Jack

It's not often the ICON crew gets fresh meat.

Our usual meals consist of antiquated metal served with a healthy dose of aged mechanicals. Not that we're complaining, ours is an acquired diet, but one we find quite flavorful. Such was not the case with Brand New Jack. She is a fresh dish of 2020 Katana served up by some of our favorite chefs at Suzuki USA.

When Suzuki asked us to cut into a virgin Katana, we were like, "Hell Yeah!".

When Suzuki told us it had to be fully built in 30 days, we were like, "Say what, Willis?". Typically an ICON custom bike is cooked on low over a 12-18 month period. To fully bake a custom worthy of our name in 30 days was going to be a significant challenge, requiring the entirety of the ICON staff to pull off (even the fully baked ones).

Like any build, it starts with the concept.

In this case, an affinity for Gobots, Gundam, and the tight cybergirls of Robotech was pulled from our pubescent id and slung face-first at the Kat. Most of it stuck, and what didn't was quickly cleaned up with a damp mop. The Katana, both then and now, has always been a starship. Our goal was to up the uber-mechanized facade of the new Katana into full transformer. Let's face it, who doesn't want their literbike to evolve into a flying robot lion at the touch of a button?

Brand New Jack sports the usual hallmarks of most ICON builds -

twin endurance racing fuel ports, premium Nitron suspension, solid EBC rotors, Avon competition tires, and custom exhaust fitted from various Leo Vince components. Driven racing And Magura supplied the hand controls for a much-improved feel over the stock setup. The wheels, from the hallowed ICON stash of one-offs and never-wheres, are forged Galespeed units smuggled from Japan during the great magnesium embargo of ‘02.

All in all, Brand New Jack is divisive, polarizing, and immature.

Add in a pocket full of puppy dog tails, and you have the complete ingredient list for an ICON casserole. Who's hungry?

Thanks to our partners for participating in this bike build

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