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Helmet Recall

Helmet Recall

ICON Alliance & Alliance GT Motorcycle Helmet Recall

There is a recall of certain Alliance and Alliance GT helmets produced during part of 2017. The specific helmets being recalled are the Alliance Dark helmets manufactured from January 2017 through July 2017, and the Alliance GT Horror and Rubatone helmets manufactured from March 2017 through July 2017 ("potentially affected helmets"). This recall applies to sizes Extra Small (XS), Small (S), Medium (M), Large (L), Extra Large (XL), Double Extra Large (2XL), and Triple Extra Large (3XL), of both helmet models. The potentially affected helmets may contain a defect related to motor vehicle safety. In particular, the D-rings that are sewn to the webbing of the retention system of some helmets may detach from the webbing due to faulty stitching. In the event of a crash, the wearer may not be adequately protected, increasing the risk of personal injury or death. Although only a small percentage of the potentially affected helmets contain the defect at issue, the entire production lot is being recalled in an abundance of caution and replacement helmets will be provided free of charge to owners of the potentially affected helmets. Owners of the potentially affected helmets will be provided a free replacement helmet of the same model & style.

How to determine whether you own a potentially affected helmet

To determine if your helmet is subject to this recall, please do the following:

1) Model Name

Determine whether the model name "Alliance" or "Alliance GT" appears on the DOT certification label on the back of the helmet as shown.

2) Helmet Style

Determine whether the helmet style is one of the three styles shown: Alliance GT Horror, Alliance GT Rubatone, or Alliance Dark.

3) Date Label Information

The date label is located inside the helmet, under the comfort liner, affixed to the expanded polystyrene ("EPS") liner. Determine whether the date label indicates a Month/Year that falls within January 2017 through July 2017 for Alliance Dark helmets, or March 2017 through July 2017 for Alliance GT Rubatone or Alliance GT Horror helmets.

4) No Green check mark

If your helmet meets all of the above criteria, determine whether the date label under the comfort liner, affixed to the EPS liner has a green check mark (a green check mark will also appear on the bar code sticker of the helmet box). If your helmet meets all of the above criteria and does not have a green check mark, then the helmet is subject to the recall. A green check mark would indicate the helmet was examined prior to sale and found NOT to have the defect at issue in this recall.

Does your helmet meet all of the above criteria?

If so, initiate the recall process by filling in the below Helmet Recall Form. You will then be emailed details of how to obtain the free shipping label to return your helmet. Once your potentially affected helmet is received, you will be shipped a replacement helmet free of charge. If your helmet does not meet all of the above criteria, please do not submit a form. Your helmet is not subject to the recall.

Please only submit the Helmet Recall Form once.

If you own more than one helmet subject to the recall, please contact Icon at: helmets@parts-unltd.com

Helmet Recall Submission Form

Helmet Details

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If your helmet meets all the criteria listed above, and does not have a green check mark on the date label and box, please cease using the helmet. Upon receipt of a potentially affected helmet, Icon will arrange for a replacement helmet to be shipped to the owner of the potentially affected helmet free of charge.

If you prefer to contact Icon directly instead of submitting the above Helmet Recall Form, you may contact Icon at:
In the US: (800) 369-1000
In Canada: 1-877-277-7560 (English) or 1-866-250-7925 (French)
In Germany: +49 6501 9695 2000