PinLock® Ready Variant Precision Optics™ Shield

PinLock® Ready Variant Precision Optics™ Shield - Dark Smoke

$40 Suggested Retail USD

With the idea of creating a versatile anti-fog solution, we collaborated closely with Pinlock® to integrate their system to our Pinlock® Ready Optics Shield, allowing the Pinlock® sheild insert to be installed or changed seamlessly.The Pinlock® Pins that are integrated to Pinlock® Ready Optics Shield are designed to be eccentric, allowing riders to adjust the tension of their Pinlock® insert lenses, that increases the grip of the silicone seal on the Pinlock® visor to the helmet visor.

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Care Instructions

Replacement Parts

    Replacement Mounting Pins
    • Part Number
    • Color
    • Size
    • Price
    • 0133-1014
    • Color Standard
    • Size One Size
    • Price $5

    Product Manual

    PinLock® Ready Variant Precision Optics™ Shield
    • Color
    • One Size
    • Dark Smoke
    • One Size 0130-0704

    Installation Instructions

    Step 1.

    The Pinlock® Variant Precision Optics Shield works in conjunction with the Pinlock® Variant Precision Optics Insert Lens (Sold Separately) available in Clear, Dark Smoke, and ProtecTint™. See your helmet manual for shield installation instructions.

    Step 2.

    Remove the helmet shield from the helmet. Flex the helmet shield and place the Pinlock® lens between the two pins provided in the helmet shield. Once installed, remove protective film.

    Step 3.

    Inspect the silicon seal on the Pinlock® lens. It must make full contact with the helmet shield in order to avoid any condensation forming between the helmet shield and the Pinlock® lens. If correct, re-install your helmet shield.

    Step 4.

    If the silicon seal does not make full contact with the helmet shield you can adjust the pressure by turning the outside screw counter clockwise using the outside arrow in the pin for reference. Once finished, re-install your shield.

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