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Icon 1000 Nightbreed

Icon 1000 Nightbreed

It’s time to ride fast and run the city.

Icon 1000 Nightbreed


It is yet again another late night, so what’s it gonna be, oh brothers? The city is filled with monsters, and perhaps tonight you’re one of them. The ICON 1000 Nightbreed jacket is your perfect accomplice. The stretch textile chassis combined with the ICON Sport Fit creates a jacket that’s light, nimble, and ready to rumble. It comes standard with a full suite of D3O® impact protectors (elbow, shoulder, back), providing you with peace of mind should your ride take an unfortunate turn south. Black retro- reflective pops lend to visual conspicuity when you need it and stealth when you don’t. Set aside the milk and ultra-violence: it’s time to ride fast and run the city.

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The night is young, the ride is Nightbreed.

Achieve your inner Jean-Claude

Icon 1000 Nightbreed


Achieve your inner Jean-Claude in the ICON 1000 Nightbreed pant. Its 4-way stretch chassis is rugged yet flexible, perfect for on and off the bike applications. When you step in the ring with Tong Poand are serving up some 360 crescents, you can kick freely knowing your pants come equipped with zippered side pockets to keep your accoutrements secure. D3O® knee and hip inserts are in your corner when the asphalt doles out the ol’ 1-2 combo, while the waist adjustment system allows you to fine-tune your fitment.

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